About Me

Jordan in a nutshell

My name is Jordan Maslyn. I am a born-and-raised Orange County, CA guy – although I’ve also lived in Guadalajara, Prague, and Kenya for periods of time.

In addition to making websites, I also work with high school students at Mariners Church Mission Viejo. I am married to my babe of a wife, Sara, and we have one incredible human baby, Harper, and a dog baby, Luna.

I started making websites at the ripe old age of 14, and began to get hired for my work at 16; I’ve been at it ever since. I am self-taught in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Ruby on Rails, and I do most of my client work via WordPress. I graduated from Liberty University, majoring in Business Administration and Marketing which allows me to not only make websites, but make websites that achieve real-life business goals.

When I’m not working, I enjoy eating at new places, going on adventures, trying new beers, and doing it all with people I love. You can keep up with some of the stuff I’m up to on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.